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Climate Change is released, get your album here!

Climate Change is NOW released on CD, for streaming and download. Get the CD here: Ginza Bengans CDON Nuclear Blast Best Buy USA Recordshopx Wowhd CDmarket Hardmusicbase Diskunion

  • Releaseparty for Climate Change!

      Releaseparty för ”Climate Change”, Destinys första album på 11 år! Fritt inträde! ”Climate Change” släpps officielt på CD den 21:e oktober men redan dagen innan, på releaspartyt, kan du köpa albumet på CD för specialpriset 99:- 20.30 premiärspelas albumet

  • Sabotage, new video & single released!

    Sabotage is the second digital single and video by Destiny from the upcoming anniversary album Climate Change. The first one being Living Dead released in 2015. You can order ”Climate Change” here.   “Sabotage” was recorded at Destiny Recording Studio

  • Destiny – Climate Change CD + Limited Edition T-shirt PRE ORDER ONLY.

    Pre Order here and you get an exclusive limited 75 copies only T-shirt with your brand new DESTINY CD. Shipping October 12. ”Epic vocals and classic riffs exemplify just how relevant Destiny are, even 34 years(!) after they were first


    On September 23 Destiny will release the second single and video (produced by Backstage Productions) from the upcoming Anniversary album ”Climate Change”. The track features all members of the current Destiny line up as well as a guest keyboard solo