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New Destiny interview in

Check out the the brand new interview with Jonas Heidgert, Michael Åberg and Stefan Björnshög by Jörgen Fredriksson in! Kane Svantesson was also there but didn’t say much. Unfortunately Veith Offenbächer was unable to participate. Read the interview here:

  • Destiny turns 35 years this fall!

    35 years ago Destiny was formed by Stefan Björnshög and original guitarist Magnus Österman who left after the release of the first album ”Beyond All Sense” in 1985. Destiny will celebrate all through 2018 with gigs, new videos and the

  • Climate Change is finally released on Vinyl.

    Climate Change is finally released on Vinyl. Watch Stefan Björnshög unbox the double LP edition of Climate Change! Get the vinyl here: Direct from GMR Ginza Bengans CDON Best Buy USA CDmarket   Get the CD here: Ginza Bengans CDON

  • Climat Change to be released on vinyl!

    Finally the latest Destiny album ”Climate Change” will get a vinyl release! It will be released as a double album on October 20:th 2017! You can NOW order the double vinyl direct from GMR here! You can NOW order the

  • Destiny live at Rock Bar – Karlskoga, on September 29

    DESTINY live at Rock Bar September 29! ROCK BAR 29 september kl. 21:00 – kl.0 2:00 Bregårdsgatan 10A 691 32 Karlskoga 072-716 71 71 Facebook event Here are som pictures from the gig at West Coast Rock Festival, September 9