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  • Climate Change

    Buy Climate  Change here. Destiny is: Jonas Heidgert: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals and Harmony Vocals Stefan Björnshög: Bass and Backing Vocals Michael Åberg: Lead, Rhythm and Harmony Guitars Veith Offenbächer: Lead, Rhythm and Harmony Guitars Kane Svantesson: Drums (on Sabotage)

  • Sabotage (single)

    Sabotage is the second digital single and video by Destiny from the upcoming anniversary album Climate Change. The first one being Living Dead released in 2015. You can order ”Climate Change” here. The video for Sabotage was produced by the

  • Living Dead (single)

      Living Dead (music by Stefan Björnshög and lyrics by Zenny Gram) Musicians: Jonas Heidgert: vocals Michael Åberg: guitar Stefan Björnshög: bass Kane Svantesson: drums (video) Roger Christiansson: drums (audio) Produced by Destiny and Henrik Olsson Recorded and mixed at

  • Beyond All Sense 2005

    This is not the new Destiny album or even the follow-up to Future Of The Past, released in 2004. This is a re-recorded version of Destiny’s very first album Beyond All Sense, released in March 1985. Continue reading

  • Future of the past

    In 2004 the new Destiny album: Future Of The Past was released. As well as being the first album with the present setting this album is the first one being recorded in the band’s own studio DRS (later mixed at StudiOmega by Christian Silver). Continue reading

  • The Undiscovered Country

    In 1998, we finally came to witness the emergence of a new Destiny album: The Undiscovered Country. It has been seven years since its predecessor was released. Continue reading

  • Nothing Left To Fear

    1991 saw the release of the third Destiny album, Nothing Left To Fear. This record proved Destiny to be as continually evolving as ever. It’s darker and heavier than the previous albums in a very in-your-face sort of way. Continue reading

  • Atomic Winter

    Atomic Winter was greeted by just about everyone as a huge improvement over the debut album when it was released in 1988. The bands songwriting was, as it still is, constantly evolving. Continue reading

  • Beyond All Sense

    When Beyond All Sense was released in 1985, it was met with approval from media and audience. In retrospect, the album isn’t what it had the potential to be. Still, it’s easy to see why the few people who got hold of a copy – in spite of close to nonexistent marketing – liked it. Continue reading

  • Other Releases

    Apart from the above albums Destiny has released two legendary demo tapes. Here you can read about them and other releases featuring Destiny. Continue reading