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The Band

  • Jonas Heidgert

    Jonas Heidgert is a very talented musician who is by far no newcomer to the metal scene. In 2000 he released his first of five albums by Dragonland where he both sang and played the drums on the first two albums

  • Stefan Björnshög

    Basist Stefan Björnshög formed Destiny together with guitarist Magnus Österman way back in 1982. Right from the start Stefan has been the band’s leader and has over the years evolved into the bands main composer. Stefan has also for many

  • Michael Åberg

    Michael Åberg is a very talented en experienced guitarist who was born in Östersund (north of Sweden) in 1966. He started to play guitar when he was about 9 years old an his main influences at that time were Jimi

  • Veith Offenbächer

    Veith Offenbächer is a well known and experienced German guitarist born in 1976. In 2006 he joined the German band Dawn of Destiny whom he released five albums with as well as guesting on their sixth album. Veith has also

  • Kane Svantesson

    Kane replaced Peter Lundgren as the drummer in Destiny way back in 1994. He was also responsible for getting Daniel Heiman into Destiny. He recorded the drums for ”The Undiscovered Country” but quit both Destiny and the drums soon after