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Destiny interview in Vibrations of Doom

Here you can read a recent and interesting Destiny interview in Vibrations of Doom.

Interview with Stefan Björnshög via facebook.

Ah, classic 80′s metal… While most people focused on the hellacious thrash trio that came out of Germany, the U.K. was making huge waves with the advent of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, which brought us not only Venom, Diamond Head (for which had they not existed, there might indeed be no Metallica), and even Def Leppard had a hand alongside the mighty Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and even Black Sabbath for creating the indelible mark that the U.K. would leave on the world. Still, Sweden is vastly underrated and hugely overlooked when it comes to 80′s metal. All one has to do is point to bands like Overdrive, Axe Witch, Torch, Mercy, Silver Mountain, Gotham City and even Candlemass to see that Sweden had some amazing 80′s metal bands. We’re gonna cover as many of them as we can, however Destiny brought something a little different to the table as far as traditional metal is concerned. Read on!


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Nov 13
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