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Destiny live at Rock Bar – Karlskoga, on September 29

Karlskoga Rockbar

DESTINY live at Rock Bar September 29!

29 september
kl. 21:00 – kl.0 2:00
Bregårdsgatan 10A
691 32 Karlskoga

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Here are som pictures from the gig at West Coast Rock Festival, September 9

Here is a short review from the same gig by

”Destiny has been around since the early 80’s and was back then described as a band of the New Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal. One out of two perhaps three bands within that genre still active since those days. Them selves describe their sound as dark rock, but its for shure metal. Destiny do perform an intense set of songs and not a ballad in sight. At times very progressive as Stefan Björnshög got his basslines going. Guitarist Mikael Åberg at one time got to hear his surname shout out from the crowd “Åberg Åberg Åberg” and its easy too understand why as he’s one hell of a gifted guitar player. It’s easy too understand that the boys have a good time and actually get a bit carried away playing a bit longer than they should, messing up the time scheduel a little bit.”


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