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Destiny live in Västerås 1987 (full concert)

Destiny Västerås 1987 tumme
Unique live video of Destiny in Västerås 1987

This is filmed with only one VHS camera and the quality isn’t the best, but this is the only existing live footage of the ”Atomic Winter lineup”. Check it out on You Tube.
Zenny Gram – vocals
Stefan Björnshög – bass
Floyd Konstantin – guitar
Jörgen Pettersson – guitar
Peter Lundgren – drums

1. Bermuda
2. Who Am I?
3. Living Dead
4. Religion
5. Dark Heroes
6. The Extreme Unction
7. Beware
8. Sheer Death*
9. Spellbreaker

* Not the same song as on ”Nothing Left to Fear”/”Climate Change”

Most of the songs played was from the at the time not yet released album ”Atomic Winter”, plus one song (Sheer Death*) that did not make it to the album. That song was however recorded for the anniversary album”Climate Change” but with new lyrics and vocal melodies plus som alternation of the arrangement and a new name, ”Dream Reaper”.
You can hear the new version on Spotify.

Filmed by ?

”Atomic Winter” was released in the fall of 1988, on US Metal

Unfortunately it’s out of print at the moment but it’s available for streamingListen to the full album on Spotify

The Story behind Atomic Winter:

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