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Some updates on ”Global Warming” and the live album!

Destiny covid 19It’s about time for an update.
In these times of the ”Covid 19″ pandemic things are affecting most of us in different ways. This goes for Destiny as well.
The new album ”Global Warming” was going to be released this spring but there is no reason for us to rush the release when no one knows when we can at least have a releaseparty followed by as many live dates as possibly. So we have decided to take our time to record the last vocals, some guitars from Veith, a few keyboards and so on to make sure that album, when it comes out, is as good as it possibly can get. This means that we will delay the release until some time after the summer. Exactly when is something that we will work out together with our label GMR.

This also goes for the recording and filming of the planed planed live album. The new plan is to record/film the live album sometime in the fall after the release of ”Global Warming”. Of course everything depends on the development of the ”Covid 19″ pandemic.

We have also decided to close down DRS (Destiny Recording Studio) on June 1:st. That means that the album must be completed befor that date.
Watch this space for updates on these matters.

Rock on, take care of each other and don’t forget to wash your hands!
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Mar 18
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