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Jonas Heidgert

Jonas Heidgert Jonas Heidgert 2013 - Photo Lillan Christianssonis a very talented musician who is by far no newcomer to the metal scene. In 2000 he released his first of five albums by Dragonland where he both sang and played the drums on the first two albums before concentrating on the vocals on the three latest releases.  He has also performed vocals on an album by Diabolicus as well as touring with both Dragonland and the cover band Metal Monarchs.
In the fall of 2012 he joined Destiny where he will record vocals for the anniversary album ”Climate Change” and “Global Warming”.

Member Since: 2012

Position in the band: Lead Singer

Education: Could never afford singing-lessons since it´s insanely expensive here. So I´m completely self-taught.

Influences: The greatest vocalist ever, Michael Kiske. Then there´s always other ones like Bruce Dickinson, James LaBrie and about a thousand others making me what I am today.

Values: Humor, Honesty and thoroughness.

Present favourites: Dream Theater.

At the movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Shrek, Ice Age.

On TV: Absolutely Fabulous, Fawlty Towers, Friends, Family Guy and SPORTS, especially Hockey (Frölunda Indians) and Soccer (IFK Gothenburg).

Books: The Wheel of Time-saga by Robert Jordan, anything written by Raymond E. Feist.

Motto: I don´t have a motto, at least not that I know of.


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