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Veith Offenbächer

1294463_839026546154948_396144364054577640_oVeith Offenbächer is a well known and experienced German guitarist born in 1976. In 2006 he joined the German band Dawn of Destiny whom he released five albums with as well as guesting on their sixth album. Veith has also toured around Europe several times with Dawn of Destiny. Apart from the DoD recordings Veith has also contributed guitar 1960998_10203571572264695_3062232558241344183_oto the fifth album of Consortium Project ”V – Species”. Early 2015, after a final tour, Veith left Dawn of Destiny and Germany and moved with his family to Sweden. Veith had been a fan of Destiny since the early nineties. A couple of years ago he met Stefan Björnshög which in turn last year led to a guest appearance on the Destiny album ”Climate Change”. So it was only natural that after his relocation to Sweden that he would eventually end up in Destiny, who already had plans to add an extra guitarist as compliment to Michael Åberg.

Feith Offenbächer Foto: Viktoria LarssonBy the way, his name is pronounced ”Fight”!

Member Since: 2015
Position in the band: Guitar, backing vocals
Education: classical guitar education started at the age of 11, some jazz guitar education, theoretical music studies
Influences: Kee Marcello, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore (hardrock era only) etc.
Bands: Pagan, Europe, Candlemass and of course Destiny since appr. 1993/94
Values: modesty, authenticity, idealism
Present favorites: Candlemass, House of Lords
At the movies: Borat, The Shawshank redemption
TV: Stromberg (kind of german version of ”The Office”)
Books: John Saul, Dean R. Koontz, div. biographies
Motto: Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues

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