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Michael Åberg

Michael Åberg 2013 - Photo Lillan ChristianssonMichael Åberg is a very talented en experienced guitarist who was born in Östersund (north of Sweden) in 1966. He started to play guitar when he was about 9 years old an his main influences at that time were Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Kiss and Nazareth. His first recording band was ”April Sky”, who released a single and appeared on the Swedish tv-show “Top Gear”.
In 2000 Michael joined  ”Nostradamues” whom he recorded four albums with and toured Europe before joining Destiny in 2006. So far Michel has recorded two yet to be released albums with Destiny, the anniversary album ”Climate Change” and “Global Warming”.

Apart from some headlining gigs Destiny also did a Swedish tour with Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath) and his band in the spring of 2006.

In 2007 Michael appeared on the opening ceremony for Partillecup in the Gothenburg arena Scandinavium in front of 13.000 people with Magnus Rosén Band. The same band also did a gig at the Gothia cup opening ceremony at Ullevi arena in front of 50.000 people, and this show were broadcasted to over 300 million worldwide.

Michael has also recorded solo guitars as a guest guitarist on two albums by the band Thornium.

058-Micke-framifran_loMember Since:

Position in the band: Guitar, backing vocals

Education: Nothing but my ear

Influences: My family, Deep Purple, Yngwie, Ray Gillen, Hendrix, Kiss

Bands: (early) Deep Purple, Rainbow, Dream Theater, Yngwie

 Be there for my family

Present favourites: Dream Theater, Ray Gillen (always)

At the movies: Lord of the rings, Amadeus

TV: Conan o Brien, Jay Leno, Parlamentet, Fawlty Towers, Sports, News

Books: Not really a book guy, so far…

Motto: Always try to do your best, though different circumstances


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