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Mörk Rock

Destiny originally called their music Mörkrock which in Swedish means Dark Rock. When Destiny was getting more and more recognition outside of Sweden in the middle of the eighties Mörkrock was translated to Dark Metal. One should be aware that what a lot of people today call Dark Metal has nothing to do with Destiny, who actually coined the phrase way back then. However, Destiny’s original form of Dark Metal shares the lack of connection to any kind of occultism with what’s presently called Dark Metal. So no, there are no crosses turned upside down, no wily lyrical backward messages, nothing supernatural.

Dark Metal, the way Destiny always figured it, bestows on its audience a feeling, or a sensation, if you will. Dark Metal communicates a vision of a fateful, grim universe. The same kind of force that abides in the deepest parts of the oceans or the splendid halls where the mountain king ruled before the reckoning of time. The same force that mercilessly comes over us during the endless nights of winter and makes us feel petty and insignificant. It’s also more about the music than the lyrics.

To avoid any further misunderstandings of what style of music Destiny is about they will no longer call their music Dark Metal, instead Destiny will use the Swedish term “Mörk Rock” (Dark Progressive Heavy Metal) both outside of Sweden as well as in Sweden.

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