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In 1982 Destiny, one of Sweden’s very first real heavy metal bands first saw the light of day. Unlike the few other Swedish bands in the genre that were around back then Destiny still exists. Already on the debut album the tone was set for the Gothenburg based band’s constantly ongoing development. One can certainly hear that they’ve had their eyes on Black Sabbath, Savatage and Metal Church, but most of all Destiny have taken their influences one step further and added so much that the result is completely their own.

When the first album, ”Beyond all sense”, saw the light of day in 1985 Destiny distinguished themselves by being the only one of the rather few Swedish metal bands that also had a consistent image. This was taken a step further when the next album, ”Atomic winter”, was released in 1988. Then the band had managed to get Derek Riggs, who back in those days only worked with Iron Maiden, to draw the sleeve. This and the fact that the band sounded a whole lot better, among other things due to the change of singer and better production, led to the album being favorably received by the critics.
The same applied to the successor ”Nothing left to fear” which was released in 1991. Destiny’s first music video was produced for ”The evil trinity” of this album and was among other things shown on Swedish TV.
 In 1998 and 2004 Destiny released their fourth album and fifth albums, ”The Undiscovered Country” and ”Future Of The Past”, and once again the critics were in agreement on the fact that quality wise the band belongs to the absolute elite in Swedish metal. The rerecording of the debut album released in 2005 with the logical title “Beyond All Sense 2005″ equally well received.

But Destiny, which today consists of Jonas Heidgert (vocals), Stefan Björnshög (bass), Michael Åberg (guitar) and Kane (drums) is not content yet as they have been working on two new albums at the same time. One is of course a brand new Destiny album with all new songs, “Global Warming” with a planed release in the fall of 2017.

The other one is the anniversary album  ”Climate Change” released in October 2016. This album features five old songs from the eighties that never found its way to an aljpgbum before as well as nine re-recorded songs.

Thus, everyone who appreciates dark, progressive metal can look forward to at least two more albums from one of the most experienced bands in the genre.



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