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Destiny On Stage 2018
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Music as complex as Destiny’s is naturally difficult to perform
well in a live situation. Still Destiny manages to do just that, seemingly with little or no effort. This is one of many things that will impress the audience at a Destiny show. They also ought to be rather artrock_Destiny_20impressed with stage presence of these experienced performers. After the foreboding intro (from Beyond All Sense), the men in black enter the stage. From that point, it doesn’t really matter what stage it was seconds before. Fromnow on, the stage belongs to Destiny!

artrock_Destiny_15Jonas Heidgert haunts the stage from left to right, convincing the audience beyond uncertainty that he has ”nothing left to fear” and that his tomorrow is their yesterdays. At his side is, as always, the hard-working figure of Stefan Björnshög, assaulting his bass with frenetic energy. Flanking the couple is Destiny’string-benders extra-ordinary: Michael Åberg and Veith Offenbächer. From behind his drum kit relentless Kane lays out a steady rhythm.


Now, Destiny don’t employ the kind of stage show that will let you ooh and aah at all the pretty colures and the fancy explosions. Entertaining as such a show may be, Destiny has always counted on their ability to carry the show through their performance and stage antics – and they’re absolutely right. A Destiny show is a positively spellbinding experience. And with the anniversary album ”Climate Change” (GMR 2016) finally released, they just might hit your town in the near future. So sleep with one eye open…

Destiny – Bermuda – live at West Coast Rock Festival 2017

Destiny – Devil in the Dark – live at West Coast Rock Festival 2017

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Mathias Westman from saw Destiny at the release party for ”Climate Change” on October 20 (2016) at Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg , Sweden.
Read his review here.
Watch a live medley from the gig at the release party here.

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