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Chronology – The 90′s

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”The Zenny Gram era continued”
1990 After a number of drum problems Peter Lundgren leaves the band halfway through the recording. US Metal are unhappy about the recording and refuse to pay the studio. Destiny sign a contract with British company Active Records. During the summer Ken Olsson remixes the album and Active are supposed to release it in October, but that doesn’t happen. Stefan Svensson becomes the new drummer in Destiny.


1991 Stefan Svensson leavs the band just before the shooting of Destiny’s first promotion video. The band offer Peter Lundgren to join for the shooting and later appoint him permanent member. ”Nothing Left To Fear” is released in June. The album reaps mostly favourable reviews, but Active Records does not promote it in any media. During the summer Gunnar Kindberg leaves and is replaced by Bengt Olsson. The week before an important show with Savatage Bengt drops out and Destiny perform the show as a quartet.


1992 Bengt returns as guitarist in Destiny. The band performs a few shows, but after playing music TV station ZTV Zenny leaves to sing in a cover band.



1993 Destiny start looking for a new singer. However, Zenny promises to keep doing live shows until a sufficient replacement is found. After a performance at the Ed rock festival during the summer Peter also leaves the band. New material is written and recorded, sans vocals, for a demo.


1994 Håkan Svantesson, drums, joins Destiny. Finally a new singer, Daniel Heiman (later with Lost Horizon and the Heed), is found. Unfortunately he only remains in the band for a few months and three live shows. Through Daniel Destiny get in touch with StudiOmega and Christian Silver. Zenny gets to hear the new material and offers to write lyrics and to sing for a new demo. The result is very succesful and Zenny, who now has changed his last name to Gram, rejoins the band.


1995 Jörgen Cremonese accepts the offer to produce the new album ”The Undiscovered Country”. Recording of the album commences in Studiomega during the summer. Håkan Svantesson leaves Destiny, but stays for the recording. During the fall the band looks for a new record deal, but nothing interesting emerges. Knut begins a collaboration with Peter Lundgren (7:th Planet).


1996 Zenny Gram gets an offer to sing with Treasure Land, and since Destiny is presently at rest, he accepts. The search for a satisfactory record deal continues, but for the time being the record companies are interested in nothing but aggro and death metal. Zenny begins recording the Treasure Land debut album ”Questions”. Bengt Grönkvist, who has made the lay out for all theDestiny covers, starts ”The Official Destiny Home Page” on the Internet.


1997 Treasure Land release ”Questions”, but after only two live performances Zenny leaves the band. Stefan plans to start his own record company, but when new Gothenburg company GNW offer Destiny a deal, the band agrees to sign it. Since bands like HammerFall have become vastly succesful, the metal scene seems to once again be ready for Destiny. Stefan initiate Rock Scene Göteborg to arrange monthly heavy metal shows, featuring Gothenburg bands, at Musikens Hus.


1998 Björn Öhrfeldt of Pagan accepts to be the live drummer of Destiny. In January the first Rock Scene Göteborg show is arranged. Stefan start the Internet-magazine RockZine to cover the Gothenburg rock scene on a monthly basis. Rehearsals with the new Destiny line-up commence and on May 22 (at Musikens Hus, Gothenburg) Destiny will be on stage for the first time since 1994. Gunnar Kindberg agrees to be a live guitarist with Destiny. ”The Undiscovered Country” is set for a May/June release on GNW. Stefan builds a recording studio, DRS (Destiny Recording Studio), where the band will record their future albums.


1999 Just a week before Destiny’s concert with In Flames, in Gothenburg, Sweden February the 5:th, guitarist Knut Hassel decided to leave the band. Fortunately enough Pagan guitarist Anders ”Fagge” Fagerstrand was available and after just two rehearsals with the band he was invited to replace Knut on a permanent basis. The concert, which was a success, was also the premier for the bands new drummer Tomas Fredén (now in Beyond Twilight). The band records songs for Demon and Yngwie J Malmsteen tribute albums in DRS.


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