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”The Zenny Gram era continued”
2000 A turbulent year for Destiny. Former Biscaya drummer Birger Löfman joins the band. Gunnar Kindberg leaves Destiny to spend more time with his family concentrating on his work. Guitarist Niclas Granath, a friend of Tomas Fredén, joins Destiny. The recording of Future Of The Past starts in DRS. Fagge leaves Destiny as it was impossible to live 500 km away from Gothenburg and still be a member of the band. He still takes part of the recording of the album. Zenny get the basic tracks to work on the lyrics for the album. By the fall guitarist Janne Ekberg joins Destiny. The first recordings of Beyond All Sense 2005 starts in DRS. By the end of the year Zenny leaves Destiny as he no longer have the inspiration to keep going.


”The Kristoffer Göbel Era”
2001 The search for a new vocalist starts as well as more recordings for BAS2005 . By the summer the band contacts Kristoffer Göbel and asks him to audition for Destiny. Unfortunately Kristoffer Göbel had just strained his voice and had to wait a couple of months for a proper audition. Kristoffer Göbel agrees to join Destiny as the bands new vocalist and immediately starts to work on the lyrics for Future Of The Past.


2002 Destiny completes the recording of Future Of The Past in DRS and the mixing takes place in Studiomega by Chris Silver. The bands debut gig is together with Dream Evil. Later the same year Destiny plays the Sweden Rock Festival. The search for a new record company starts. Kristoffer Göbel still in Destiny joins Falconer and records an album with them. Stefan becomes a father for the first time to a pair of twins, Felix and Nova.


2003 Destiny signs a new record contract with GMR. Future Of The Past is supposed to be released in October but is constantly delayed. Fatherhood takes up almost all of Stefan’s time.



2004 In March Future Of The Past is finally released. The album gets lots of good reviews. A video is of the song Shadow Of The Rainbow is produced by Astronaut and Magnus Oliv. Destiny starts to play live again. During the summer Kristoffer Göbel gets ill and the band has to cancel some shows. Niclas Granath leavs Destiny. By the fall Destiny headlines the Pounding Metal Attack in Germany. Fredrik Olsson (Lost Horizon and Heed) helps out as a temporary live guitarist. This year also showed shows with Wolf and Notre Dame. Beyond All sense is completed in DRS and once again the mixing takes place in Studiomega by Chris Silver.


2005 Stefan becomes ill and is out of action for the first quarter of the year. Beyond All Sense 2005 is released on May 11. Fredrik Olsson guests on two tracks. Michael Åberg (Nostradameus) replaces Niclas Granath. Destiny plays the Gothenburg Metal Festival. Janne Ekberg leavs Destiny during the fall.


2006 Pre production for the new album Cold Fire is interrupted when an offer to support former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin on his Swedish tour. During these dates former member Floyd Konstantin returns to the band as a temporary live guitarist. After the tour Destiny plays Gothenburg Metal Festival as a four piece with Michael Åberg as the only guitarist. Kristoffer Göbel leves Destiny.


”The Next Era”

2007 Most of the year was spent rehearsing the new material for the next album as well as looking for a new singer. Quite a few auditioned out but no one was hired. It also took some time to get a new engineer for the studio, finally during the fall Henrik Olsson took that position.


2008 The first half of the year was spent in the studio and all the drums and the bass for the next album was finally recorded. Sadly, partly due to some unfortunate personal situations for all the remaining members in the band, things slowed down quite a bit during the fall. Unfortunately the recording of the guitars was delayed.


2009 The first half of the year Michael recorded all the rhythm guitars and then it was quite a long period of waiting for some of the personnel situations to work themselves out so that the recording of the album could commence. After a long band meeting in the summer Michael finally started to record the harmony, lead and additional guitars. It sounds very good so far…


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