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2010 All of the guitars (except for the 12-string acoustic guitars, some harmony guitars and a few guitar solos) are completed during the spring. Some more vocalists try out but no one is hired. During the summer a few selected people are invited to a preview of the recordings thus far. The response is overwhelming. A new manager is interested to work with Destiny and some negotiations takes place during the fall. During the fall a new vocalist is approached and as he really likes the new songs he plane is for him to work on some lyrics as a starting point. It all looks very promising.
Stefan hooks up with former Destiny lead singer Therese Hanserot and in October they are engaged to be married.
During the fall Birger is hired to play drums on an album by Fretless, a band that features one of the vocalists that Destiny tried out earlier this year. The album is recorded in DRS and by the end of the year Birger joins Fretless as a permanent member.
Michael teams up with Magnus Rosén in a new band called Powerhouse.


2011 The year starts badly as the approached singer declines to join Destiny as he can’t find the time to commit himself at this stage. The atmosphere in the band is increasingly strained. Birger and Henrik Olsson start to work on the drum editing for the rerecording of “Nothing Left To Fear”. When Stefan and Michel want to start rehearsing with Destiny Birger decides that he wants to concentrate on Fretless and says that he is taking a ”time out” from Destiny.

When the drum editing is done Stefan starts to lay down the bass tracks for the rerecording of “Nothing Left To Fear”. As everything is delayed the completion of “Global Warming” is put on ice. As Destiny will celebrate 30 year as a band in 2012 an anniversary album is planned instead. The album will feature rerecorded songs from all past Destiny albums except “Beyond All Sense” as well as five previously non released songs. The plan is to have lots of guest appearances from former members of Destiny. Therese Hanserot and most of the former guitarist agrees to participate and some recording commence. This means that the rerecording of “Nothing Left To Fear” will be canceled and transformed into the anniversary album ”The Incompatibility of Philosophical Terminology”, with a total number of 14 tracks.
Unfortunately Birger Löfman refuses record the drums for the remaining five songs until the band has found a new lead singer. That decisions both delays and compromises the schedule for the recording and Destiny is forced to bring in famed session drummer Adde Larsson, of M.A.N. and Black Candy Store, to save the project. By the end of the year Adde starts to record brand new drums for all of the 14 tracks.


”The Jonas Heidgert Era”

Destiny 2012 - Photo by Lillian Christiansson, artwork by Staffan Falkenström2012 In the first week of 2012 Adde completes the drum sessions for the anniversary album and Stefan is set to go ahead with the bass. Then disaster strikes as Therese Hanserot, Stefan’s fiancé and Destiny’s original singer, suddenly passes away…
…and the whole project as well as the band comes to an abrupt stop.

Stefan is devastated and it takes about three months before he picks up his bass again and decides to go on with Destiny. Slowly over a six month period Stefan goes on with the recording of the bass.
When the bass sessions finally are completed Stefan and Michael has a meeting to lay out the plans for Destiny’s future. Apart from recording of the guitars the band needs a new singer and a new drummer.

In November, enter Jonas Heidgert of Dragonland who immediately starts to record vocals for a planned digital single. Everyone that heard the result was overwhelmed and there is no doubt that Jonas vocal and stage presences as well as his personality will fit Destiny perfectly both in the studio and on stage.

The next person to join is drummer Roger Christiansson who is an old friend of Stefan since that last 25 years, even though they had never played together before. Roger is prefect for Destiny on every level and already on the first rehearsal it’s clear that Roger and Stefan will be a new and dynamic heavy rhythm section.

Destiny also launches their new and improved homepage which thanks to webmaster David Karlsson gets lots of well-deserved praise. Unfortunately the digital single planned for a December release is postponed to the beginning of 2013, which promises to be a busy and exiting year for Destiny!


549934_10151500007861628_775394922_n2013 Carl Dahlberg joins Destiny and becomes the band’s first keyboard player.

Destiny signs with 44 Skull Records who will for the first time ever make Destiny’s music available for download and streaming. The back catalog will be released on the sub label Gothenburg Legacy Records in reversed order.

The first part of the year is spent in the studio recording of guitars and vocals for the anniversary album. Roger records drums for a couple of tracks before he unexpectedly and suddenly leaves Destiny. “Kane” Svantesson rejoins Destiny as their new drummer.

A negotiation with a new management starts.

Former singer Håkan Ring agrees to rework the lyrics for the five never before released old songs, from when he was in the band, recorded for the anniversary album.

In May “Beyond All Sense 2005” is released for download and streaming, followed by “Future of the Past” in July.

The rest of the year is spent in the studio recording more vocals and guitars for the Anniversary album”.

Destiny 20142014 The year starts with some new vocal recordings, this time for the “Global Warming” album with lyrics by Jonas Heidgert.
Henrik Pettersson starts to work on the keyboards for “The Anniversary album”.

In March Gothenburg Legacy Records releases Destinys fourth album “The Undiscovered Country” for streaming on Spotify and other platforms.  The second album “Atomic Winter” follows in May and finally the third album “Nothing Left To Fear” in the end of June.

In august German guitarist and long time Destiny fan Veith Offenbächer of the band Dawn of Destiny is invited to guest on the track “Nothing Left to Fear”.

During the fall Jonas continues to write lyrics and record new vocals for the “Global Warming” album.

In October keyboardist Carl Dahlberg leaves Destiny and the band records the first video for the “Anniversary” album for the song “Living Dead”, once again as a four piece.
Unfortunately the artwork created by Mats Gustafson for the anniversary album could not be used, as the original was not in high enough resolution to be printed. It did however work fine on a computer screen and was therefore instead used as the cover for the upcoming digital single “Living Dead”.

Mattias Norén was approached to make a new cover for the “Anniversary Album”.

In November Destiny is asked to write and contribute a song for an upcoming support album for one of Sweden’s premier football (soccer) clubs, IFK Göteborg. The band accepts, as they are all fans of the team, especially Jonas and Stefan.


Destiny 2015   2015 The year starts with the release in January of “Living Dead”, the first digital single (Gothenburg Legacy Records) and video from the coming “anniversary album”.  The song and video is very well received with great support from both old and new fans. The band starts to get more media exposure again.

The same month Destiny also records the song “Förväntan Stiger” for the IFK Göteborg project. This is the first and probably last time that Destiny records a song in Swedish.

In March Destiny reveals the great new cover artwork for the “Anniversary Album” by Mattias Norrén. The album now also has a new title, “Climate Change”. The plan is still to release the album in the fall of 2015.

Destiny gets an offer to rerelease the entire back catalog on deluxe CD’s. The band however decides it’s more important to release the new album first and wait for a later date to rerelease the old albums.

The album “Blåvitt  Bäst i Sverige” featuring the Destiny song “Förväntan Stiger” is relased.

In April Destiny starts to rehears to be ready to play live again for the first time in years.

During the fall the final recordings for “Climate Change” is recorded and the mixing of the album starts. This means that the fall release of the album is postponed.

In October start a collaboration with the production company Backstage Productions and records and release video for “Förväntan Stiger”.

After a meeting with GMR Music Group who released the last two Destiny albums it’s agreed that they will stay with the band and release “Climate Change”.

The German guitarist Veith Offenbächer who at the time recently had left the band Dawn of Destiny moves to Sweden and joins Destiny as a permanent member. This means that Destiny is once again a five piece band with twin lead guitarists.


CCDFB  2016 A new release date for late May is set but the mixing takes longer than expected, partly because new keyboards by Henrik Pettersson and some late guitar contributions from Veith Offenbächer is added to the existing recordings. When the mix of the album is completed it took a couple of months more before the mastering could start, and so the release date was postponed again.

In July Destiny and Backstage Productions once again teamed up for a video, this time for the song “Sabotage” from the anniversary album “Climate Change”.
The video and digital single for “Sabotage” (GMR)  is released on September 23 and is very well received.
Destiny starts to rehears their live set. Unfortunately Veith Offenbächer had to, for personal reasons, move back to Germany and could not participate.

On October 20 Destiny had a release party at the rock club Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg. This was the first time in ten years that Destiny played live and the gig was a success!

On October 21 “Climate Change”, Destiny’s first album in 11 years, was released on CD (also for download and streaming) by GMR.


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