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Atomic Winter

Atomic Winter was greeted by just about everyone as a huge improvement over the debut album when it was released in 1988. The bands songwriting was, as it still is, constantly evolving. Add to that the much improved production and Zenny’s extraordinary voice, and you have the receipe for a winner. Which it is, quality-wise.

Atomic Winter is an impressive album. Great songs, catchy lines and lots of really heavy choirs. The re-recording of Spellbreaker from Beyond All Sense turns that song into a monster of the same pulsating force as the rest of the material on this record.

Unfortunately, another less-than-serious record company caused this album to plunge the same way as its predecessor: into obscurity, despite ecstatic responses from all major reviewers and his uncle. ”I won’t waste space with their history, since I need all the space to praise them”, a fanzine reviewer wrote. Paul Miller of Kerrang claimed that ”Quality of this sort his hard to find” and gave Atomic Winter KKKK½. Domestic reviews were also favourable: ”Without doubt one of the most interesting bands” was Tore Lund’s (GT) verdict, whereas Fia Persson of Expressen found the album to be ”surprisingly fast and good”.

• Zenny Hansson -Vocals
• Floyd Constantin – Guitars
• Jörgen Pettersson – Guitars
• Stefan Björnshög – Bass
• Peter Lundgren – Drums

• All songs arranged and Produced by Destiny
• Ilbert/Chips/Henryk Lipp – Engineers Mixed by Ilbert and Chips
• Recorded and Mixed at Music.A.Matic Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1988
Catalogue Numbers
• US Metal Records CD-US 14
• US Metal Records US 14 (vinyl)

• Henryk Lipp of BLUE FOR TWO – Keyboards
• Z.Hansson, S.Björnshög, SATOR and Ilberts Heavy Fuzz Band – Backing Vocals
• Zenny Hansson, Pär Edwardsson of BISCAYA and Thomas Eriksson – Harmony Vocals
• Derek Riggs known for his IRON MAIDEN covers did the art for the cover.
• Bengt Grönkvist and Johan Holm layout and album design.
• Spellbreaker is a new recording of the song from Beyond All Sense

1. Bermuda
Music: Constantin/Pettersson
Lyrics: Hansson

2. Who Am I
Music: Constantin
Lyrics: Hansson

3. Spellbreaker
Music: Österman
Lyrics: Österman

4. Beware
Music: Constantin/Pettersson
Lyrics: Hansson

5. Religion
Music: Björnshög/Pettersson
Lyrics: Hansson

6. The Extreme Unction
Music: Pettersson
Lyrics: Ring

7. Dark Heroes
Music: Pettersson
Lyrics: Hansson

8. Living Dead
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Hansson

9. Atomic Winter
Music: Constantin
Lyrics: Hansson


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