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Beyond All Sense

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When Beyond All Sense was released in 1985, it was met with approval from media and audience. In retrospect, the album isn’t what it had the potential to be. Still, it’s easy to see why the few people who got hold of a copy – in spite of close to nonexistent marketing – liked it.

Though it suffers from substandard production and a lack of Zenny on vocals, it’s still made up of great songwriting. This was to become all the more apparent when Destiny later re-recorded three of the songs for the second and third albums. ”Hard and sensible, uncompromising music, promising and fast chord changes with breakneck solos”, a review in a Swedish magazine said.

• Håkan Ring -Vocals & Backingvocals
• Magnus Österman – Guitars & Backingvocals
• John Prodén – Guitars & Backingvocals
• Stefan Björnshög – Bass & Backingvocals
• Peter Lundgren – Drums & Backingvocals

• All songs arranged by Destiny
• Ken Olsson – Producer
• Lenart Pettersson – Engineer
• Recorded and Mixed at Studio Bohus, Kungälv, Sweden, December 1984
Catalogue Numbers
• Musik Bolaget M 506/1985

• The album was recorded live in one day except for the vocals, guitarsolos and keyboards.
• Stefan Björnshög – Taurus on Intro – Destiny
• Alex st.John (Radio DJ in Gothenburg )- Naration on Intro – Destiny
• Ken Olsson (Leader of and bassguitarist in Swedish hardrockband PAGAN) – Backingvocals and also Keyboards on Sirens In The Dark
• Bengt Eriksson – Keyboards on Power By Birth

Intro – Destiny 1.33
Music: Destiny
Lyrics: Ring

Rest In Peace 4.25
Music: Österman /Prodén
Lyrics: Ring

Spellbreaker 4.52
Music: Österman
Lyrics: Österman

Hang Them High 2.34
Music: Prodén/Björnshög
Lyrics: Ring

Sirens In The Dark 4.58
Music: Österman /Björnshög
Lyrics: Ring

Kill The Witch 3.57
Music: Prodén
Lyrics: Ring

Lost To Heaven (instrumental) 1.46
Music: Prodén

More Evil Than Evil 3.42
Music: Prodén
Lyrics: Ring

Power by Birth 4.35
Music: Österman /Prodén
Lyrics: Österman

Sacrilege 4.46
Music: Prodén
Lyrics: Ring

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