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Future of the past

In 2004 the new Destiny album: Future Of The Past was released. As well as being the first album with the present setting this album is the first one being recorded in the band’s own studio DRS (later mixed at StudiOmega by Christian Silver). Being the result of a long time of hardship in the studio the album promises to be Destiny’s best and hardest rocking record so far.

• Kristoffer Göbel – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals and Harmony Vocals
• Stefan Björnshög – Bass and Backing Vocals
• Birger Löfman – Drums, Backing Vocals and Harmony Vocals
• Niclas Granath – Lead, Rhythm, Harmony and Acoustic Guitars
• Janne Ekberg – Lead Guitar

• All music by Stefan Björnshög except Angels by Anders Fagerstrand
• All lyrics by Kristoffer Göbel
• Arranged by Destiny
• Produced by Destiny
• Recorded at Destiny Recording Studio/DRS, Gothenburg, Sweden
• Mixed by Christian Silver at StudiOmega, Bollebygd, Sweden
• Engineered by Kasper Hård, Janne Ekberg, Stefan Björnshög and Christer Lindblad
• Cover by Staffan Falkenström -
• Photos by Kenneth Johansson

The first version of Future Of The Past was mastered by Kenneth Svensson at Digitalfabriken. Unfortunutly there was some technical difficulties with the master and by that time Kenneth had left Digitalfabriken. The new master was done by Daniel Fossum, also at Digitalfabriken, who did a great job improving the original mastering. Unfortunately the cover and booklet was already printed which means that Daniel doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

Special Guest Musicians
• Anders Fagerstrand: Rhythm and Harmony Guitars
• Mats Olausson: Keyboards on Future Of The Past
• Zenny Gram: Backing Vocals on Future Of The Past
• Helena Johansson: Female Vocals on Flying Dutchman
• Fredrik Johansson: Growl Vocals, Backing Vocals on Holy Man and Backing Vocals on Future Of The Past

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Holy Man 5:08
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Göbel

Sabotage 4:14
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Göbel

In The Shadow Of The Rainbow 4:54
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Göbel

Magic Forest 5:34
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Göbel

Angels 5:29
Music: Fagerstrand
Lyrics: Göbel

Flying Dutchman 4:57
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Göbel

On The Outside 6:34
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Göbel

Ghost Train 4:32
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Göbel

Future Of The Past 8:23
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Göbel

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