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Nothing Left To Fear

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1991 saw the release of the third Destiny album, Nothing Left To Fear. This record proved Destiny to be as continually evolving as ever. It’s darker and heavier than the previous albums in a very in-your-face sort of way. From the opening title track it’s relentless, powerful metal that will tear down anything silly enough to occupy airspace in its path. Still, the album is in no way a change of course. It’s a very logical progression from Atomic Winter and you can all but see the threads leading from that album to Nothing Left To Fear.

Destiny also produced their first promotional video ever for a track off this album, The Evil Trinity. The video has played on several major networks. Another two tracks from Beyond All Sense were re-recorded for this album: Sirens In The Dark and Rest in Peace. Once again, the improvement was as obvious as the fact that the debut album was marred mainly by its lack of proper production.

The praise from the media once again was uniform. ”An almost perfect album”, said Martin Carlsson (acclaimed Swedish metal writer) . ”Don’t miss this album!”, was the enthusiastic response from Annika Sundbaum-Melin of Aftonbladet. ”It’s the very intriguing arrangements that keeps your interest alive, the music mirrors more feelings than just the aggressive and that’s good”, wrote Bert Gren of Göteborgsposten. Praise indeed. Still, the band had unfortunately signed a third lousy deal. Therefore, the success that usually follows unanimously favourable reviews like the above did not follow.

• Zenny Hansson -Vocals & Backing Vocals
• Gunnar Kindberg – Guitars & Backing Vocals
• Stefan Björnshög – Bass & Backing Vocals
• Peter Lundgren – Drums & Backing Vocals

• All songs Produced by Destiny and Ken Olsson
• All songs arranged Destiny
• Z.Hansson, S.Björnshög, G.Kindberg and Hans Hall – Engineers
• Mixed by Ken Olsson
• Du Gamla Du Fria and F.Ö.S. mixed by Hans Hall
• Recorded and Mixed at Art Recording Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1989-1990

Catalogue Numbers
• Active Records CDATV 18
• Active Records ATV 18 (vinyl)
• Stefan Björnshög plays the Jawharp on Mediaeval Rendezvous
• Ken Olsson of Pagan – Keyboards
• H.Ring, M.Österman, H.Gullersby – Backing Vocals
• Front cover photo by Kenneth Johansson, Hasselblad, Gothenburg, Sweden
• Cover design by Bengt Brönkvist, Johan Holm and Stefan Björnshög
• There is a video for The Evil Trinity.

• 4. Sirens In The Dark is a new recording of the song from Beyond All Sense
• 10. Rest In Peace is a new recording of the song from Beyond All Sense. Only on the CD
• 11. Du Gamla Du Fria is the Swedish national Anthem

1. Nothing Left To Fear 5.30
Lyrics: Hansson

2. Medieval Rendezvous 4.52
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Hansson

3. The Evil Trinity 4.46
Music: Björnshög/Kindberg
Lyrics: Hansson

4. Sirens In The Dark 5.57
Music: Björnshög/Österman
Lyrics: Ring

5. Sheer Death 4.14
Music: Björnshög
Lyrics: Hansson

6. F.Ö.S. 1.50
Music: Kindberg

7. Beyond All Sense 4.48
Music: Björnshög/Kindberg
Lyrics: Hansson

8. No Reservation 3.51
Music: Björnshög/Kindberg
Lyrics: Hansson

9. The Raven 3.45
Music: Kindberg
Lyrics: Hansson

10. Rest In Peace 4.39
Music: Österman/Prodén

11. Du Gamla Du Fria 0.57
Lyrics and music: Richard Dybeck, 1844
Trad Arr. Destiny 1990

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