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In Memory of Therese Hanserot

* 1964-01-16 † 2012-01-17

Yesterday Therese Hanserot, the original lead singer in Destiny, passed away only 48 years old. Therese joined Destiny in the fall of 1982, just 18 years old, and she left the band in the summer of 1983. During this time she recorded six songs for the first ever Destiny demo as well as performing with the band on their first ever gig (at the rock club RPM). After leaving Destiny she sang in a couple of cover bands before quitting singing for good.

At my 30:th birthday party in 1990 we reconnected again, this time as friends. We realized that we had so much in common that never came to the surface in the band. For about two years we hanged out together before life once again took us into different paths.

18 years later, in august 2010, we reconnected through facebook and it didn’t take long before we where engaged and in a wonderful loving relationship. Therese planed to start playing keyboards again and even agreed to sing a small part on one of the songs for the 30:th anniversary album. Now that will not happen and I will forever carry the memory of Therese in my heart.
My sorrow is endless and the hurt is unbearable. I love you Therese!

Stefan Björnshög 2012-01-18

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Okt 30
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